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Tango "Milonguero" Workshops


"Take tango to a different dimension: "milonguero" style or "close embrace", where the pleasure is more of connection between partners and less of complex steps. In place of complicated footwork, interpretation of the music and its rhythms is important. The preferred style in the crowded salons of Buenos Aires."

October 25 & December 3

Edam Dance, 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver (map)

1 - 5pm

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Fundamentals: movement, balance, connection and embrace. Walking and "corrida" variations, "milonguero salida" variations, check step variations, "ocho cortado" variations, backward "ocho" variations, "cambio de frente".

Advance concepts: "molinete" variations, low "voleos", tight "sacadas" & embellishments.


Notes: If you have attended the previous workshops please note that different material will be covered to expand your vocabulary although the fundamentals will be the same.

Sign up with a partner if possible.  Partner change will not be enforced. Cannot find a partner? Contact me

For registration & payment click here (through Java Milonga)

Pay now: $40 per person ($50 at the door - cash only - subject to availability - last w/s was full ahead of time)

  Performing "Milonguero" at El Beso in Buenos Aires

Contact:  Semiral Tuncer

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